Monday, June 14, 2010


The people in my apartment complex must wanna die.

So yesterday, I'm doing laundry, making no trouble. I wash my clothes, no problem. When I go to dry them however, BIG problems. So ALL of the dryers in the laundry room are full of dry clothes...

I'm thinking, "Psh. No big deal. I'll just come back in 15 minutes and SURELY the clothes will be taken out by their respective owner."

I come back 15 minutes later....the clothes are still there. Still, not freaking out, "I'll just wait another 15 minutes and the dryers will be free."

I come back, still there. I'm getting a little testy at this point. What the heck, man? Do they think they're the only ones with dirty laundry? Psh, no, fools. So I decide to wait 30 minutes this time.

I come back 30 whole freaking minutes later and the clothes are, of course, STILL FLIPPING THERE. Now I'm very angry. I was all flailing my arms and slamming dryer doors like nobody's bizznizz. THEN I get the bright idea to simply take the person's laundry out of the dryer and place it on the folding table. I felt a little weird doing this, but I was a desperate woman by this point, please don't judge me.

The whole thing was very dramatic.