Monday, December 21, 2009

Well Hello Very-Neglected-Little-Blog

Fancy meeting you here? Number Three just told me that she wouldn't mind if I blogged more often, so in order to appease her (and get back into the swing of things on here). I've decided to write about this (crazy, whacked out, redonkeykong) dream I had last night.

You recognize that precious face, dontcha?

This is the face that appeared in my dreams last night. Pleasant, huh?

Let me set the scene for you. I was lounging around at our Catholic Student Center at school. This is not unusual, considering the fact that I spend almost every waking moment there. I'm just minding my own business when a strange figure appears, hovering over the ground. (Side Note: I'm thinking I combined Voldemort and a dementor into one person, because he was sucking happiness out of people left and right.) I recognize that it's Voldemort (because of the movies, naturally) and he approaches me and tells me that if I didn't give him a massage, he would kill me.

I don't really remember much other than that. I'm now attempting to figure out where this bizarre dream came from with not much luck. The only thing I can draw a connection to is one of my friends who always asks for massages (cough Pinocchio...). I'm not sure if P is supposed to be Voldemort or if he just told Voldy that I give good massages...Either way, I'm going to have to have a word with him...

It was certainly one of the most bizarre dreams I have ever experienced. Makes for a good story though.

Sweet Dreams, munchkins!


PS. I get to see #3 tomorrow! : )