Monday, May 31, 2010


So #'s 1 and 3 left me. And most of my other friends went home. I thought it would be kind of depressing to be all alone in this apartment, but it's actually been really amazing. I haven't seen or talked to anyone in two days. It's kind of weird (practically) not speaking for two whole days. I mean, I'm not the most talkative person in the world, but I'm used to having several conversations a day with friends or random people. I think the most verbal activity I've had is mainly just talking to different store people and cashiers. Strange.

Am I crazy? Is it weird that this is what I'm thinking about right now. Maybe I've secluded myself a little too much.

Anyways, things around here have been pretty boring. I'm so ready for my 2 week class to be over. It really is a fabulous class, I just despise having to go to school on Saturdays. What a drag! I'm finished on Wednesday, thank goodness. I'm ready to start my summer.

I'm thinking I want to go back to New York City soon. I forgot how much I love that city. Birthday present from the Mama and the Papa (hint hint)?

This post was all over the place, but that's just kind of where I'm at right now.

I'm weird.

Ignore me.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Summer, How I love thee!

This summer has gotten off to a wonderful start! I made many plans for this summer at the end of the spring semester. One being to get more sleep. Have I done so? Of course not. There is too much fun to be had, my friends! Between swimming, amazing surprise birthday parties, movie nights, AND the H-core 2 week course I'm taking, I haven't really had the time for rest.

Ps. Have you noticed the ridiculous picture in this post? Is it not the most amazing photo you have yet to lay eyes on? I think that's a yes. I'm pretty much obsessed. This girl (aka Cray-Cray) is going to be my roommate for about a month of this summer. Excited to see this face every single day? You bet your bottom dollar. It really is going to be a summer for the books, my friends. I'll try not to forget about you, my plentiful, devoted, faithful readers....


Sorry about that...


Sunday, May 23, 2010

27 Rules for My Unborn Daughter

So I've recently been introduced to this really cool blog called Rules for My Unborn Son. It's basically just a list of different tips and advice about what makes a good man. I found so much truth within it and, in my mind, began to make a list of rules for my unborn daughter. I thought it would be a good blog. Let me know what you think!

1. Never point out someone else's flaws. They probably know and don't need your input.
2. Wear flowers in your hair. They often get you out of trouble.
3. Obnoxious PDA is never okay unless you are a newlywed.
4. Smile often. It also gets you out of trouble.
5. Listen to the music you like. Don't let other people make you feel embarrassed about it.
6. The best clothes are not the most expensive, but the ones with the best story.
7. Never dye your hair. You were given a natural hair color for a reason.
8. Even if you are the worst dancer at a party, dance anyways.
9. Never break plans with your friends unless there is an emergency.
10. Don't date until college. Don't waste the last precious years of childhood.
11. Vintage is ALWAYS better.
12. Being over dressed is better than being under dressed.
13. Make lists of things you are thankful for, often.
14. Make a quote book. You'll need it when the rough times happen.
15. Read often and watch TV as little as possible.
16. Sing in church as loud as you want. God appreciates it.
17. Call your Dad. He probably feels left out.
18. Take as many pictures as possible. They help during the rough times too.
19. Write letters to your future husband and give them to him on your wedding night.
20. Don't procrastinate. Enough said.
21. Don't pay attention to trends. Create style.
22. Flirt with your eyes. Let him do the rest.
23. Never lead anyone on. It hurts just as bad for them as it does for you.
24. Play with children as much as possible. It's good practice.
25. You can't choose your best friend. Don't turn your back on them.
26. Don't kiss on the first date.
27. Let your father and brothers be protective of you. It gives them joy.

Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finals, Schminals...

So Finals Week is finally upon us. Some may find this really weird but my friends and I actually look forward to finals week. Here at CTK (aka Christ the King, the Catholic Student Center) finals week is pretty much a party...well maybe not a party, but it has its moments.

I only have two finals, which is completely amazing. I've already gotten a lot done for my tough Chemistry final. I think that 6 out of 11 chapters in two days is pretty darn impressive. You can't touch this...

I can't wait for summer. It's going to be super busy, but I'm ready for the little break from a full school load. I'm going to have the best summer ever, I'm determined to make that happen because we all know how my summer was last year (lame sauce).

Anyways, best of luck to all of my loves taking finals this week! We can do this! Just a few more days....