Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Summer, How I love thee!

This summer has gotten off to a wonderful start! I made many plans for this summer at the end of the spring semester. One being to get more sleep. Have I done so? Of course not. There is too much fun to be had, my friends! Between swimming, amazing surprise birthday parties, movie nights, AND the H-core 2 week course I'm taking, I haven't really had the time for rest.

Ps. Have you noticed the ridiculous picture in this post? Is it not the most amazing photo you have yet to lay eyes on? I think that's a yes. I'm pretty much obsessed. This girl (aka Cray-Cray) is going to be my roommate for about a month of this summer. Excited to see this face every single day? You bet your bottom dollar. It really is going to be a summer for the books, my friends. I'll try not to forget about you, my plentiful, devoted, faithful readers....


Sorry about that...