Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Survived!

Finally, my crazy week is over. It sounds really crazy, but on Monday I wasn't so sure I would make it through without having a total breakdown. I kept it together though. That makes me really happy. There was stress, don't get me wrong, but nothing out of control. Plus, I got everything finished and turned it. That's a really good feeling.

I have officially named my kitty Mia. She has become such a wonderful blessing in my life. I really enjoy having someone to take care of other than myself. Is it weird that worrying about her kind of takes away some of the stress from other things in my life? Whatever, I'm weird, so that wouldn't surprise me. She's real cute though. You should meet her. She's pretty amazing.

I'm on the home stretch. This semester is SO CLOSE to being over. I can smell the sweet scent of summer. Right at my fingertips.

Things Standing Between Deux and Summer:
1. Chemistry test
2. Sociology final
3. English paper
4. French final
5. Chemistry final

The list is getting shorter and shorter by the day. It makes me extremely happy.

Love, Deux