Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Men in My Life,

I feel I have a little something on my heart to tell you about. Before you hate me or jump to conclusions, just hear me out. I love you. Each and every one of you. Not in the “I love boys” way (even though I totally do) but in the way that I just admire you and sit in awe of your amazing strength. I feel this way about all men, young and old. The thing is that with this intense love I have for your kind, you hold a very high standard in my eyes.

I’ve seen a lot of hurt in my sisters recently. Nothing too major, but things that could have been avoided, very simply, by not saying certain things. This has happened in many different situations I’ve been around: in friends, couples, and even families. I’m not saying that this was totally the fault of the man in every situation by any means. I’m only saying that women are vulnerable. Even though we try to show you tough exteriors, we have very soft hearts. You may think we never cry over you…we do, we just don’t let you see our tears. These kinds of hurts give us fear of showing you our vulnerability. That is so not how this is supposed to be. Why should we try to cover up our hurt and build up walls? Believe me, I know, those walls are so easy to build but so difficult to tear down. It can take years. Lifetimes, even.

My challenge to you is just to be a real man. If you read a little back in my blog (circa November), I wrote about being called on to my femininity just by the example of true men. A true man doesn’t say spiteful things. These things that you have said to my sisters and I are not you. No, you’re better than that because our Heavenly Father made you. He made you GOOD. These things are a direct attack on us by the devil. I challenge you to use Christ as your shield. I know what you are capable of, because I see it in you every single day.

I need you men so bad. The only reason I am writing this to you is because it is what I have experienced and have heard about from my sisters. I know we hurt you. When we do, tell us. Please. We want to protect your hearts too. I promise. Without your amazing example, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. You are amazing. I love you.