Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream...

So I'm sitting at work, right? Next to the most annoying printer in the WORLD and I'm day dreaming.

I'm a day dreamer, did I mention that?

So I'm thinking back of the past couple nights of sleep I got.

NOTE: I may be the ONLY person in the entire world that day dreams about sleep. That only goes to show how much I relish and value my sleep.

And then, BAM, I remember the past couple of dreams that I've had lately.

I only remember bits and pieces, and none of them are super crazy, just weird...and a little random.

In my dream the night before last, I was going to my friend Hawaii's wedding. This dream is not too far off because she has her entire wedding planned out practically, but the weird part is the location/other attendees. The wedding took place on LSU's campus. I feel like it was likely at the Greek Ampitheatre, which is kind of cool, except for all of the cockroaches (ew). I don't really remember many of the attendees except for Libbs and Jase-Face. Weird, because I don't even think they know her. Anyways, this dream was kind of boring, I just thought it was totally bizarre.

My dream last night was a little messed up. I remember VERY little about it, but apparently either I was out to get one of my friends, or they were out to get me. There were guns involved and we ended up in some sort of a trailer. It was not pretty.

Okay so this was all over the place, I just want to remember my dreams for future reference.

Is that weird?